I am just under 60 years old and beginning a new passage in my life which is in some ways long overdue while at the same time the timing is just right. Roughly five years ago I made the decision to move forward but then decided to wait a few more years so I may complete a few things that may not be possible after my new life begins. A very close friend of mine and her children told me this was a good time for me to take this journey and was the right time. What caused paused was I was teaching self-defense for 14 years in a professional group that I believe would be fine with my decision but also realized the students may not understand or feel uncomfortable with me. In the year and a half I stepped down from teaching in this group so not to cause any issues towards the owner and his students. In the time I had an existing contract to teach to a large corporation which were fine with what i was preparing to do then once finished a several month contract with them I made the decision to stop until June 2015 which at that time I will seek out new students.

My journey is one that I did not chose but instead was compelled because of my genetics in that in short since I was a young child knew something was not right and as time went by, did research and realized my issues were nothing anyone including myself could change to make my fit in. Only I could change or life a life which was imbalanced. In 2009 I enlisted the services of a therapist to see if what I believed was true could be affirmed. We had several sessions together and at which time was told I was on the right path.

Here is where I paused as there was a complication and my need to fulfill a few things with teaching self-defense.

In 2013 I enlisted another therapist and a doctor who was well versed with the issues stopping me from being who I should be.

Who should I be? A female but was born in a male body which had the brain of a female which is commonly known as a transgender person. I would not wish this upon anyone be it a person with a female brain in a male body or a male brain in a female body. You know all of your life something is not right and many times will over achieve in the body you were born with or the other extreme become depressed or suicidal prone. They will try and fit in, get married and have children but at some point will fail and destroy families and such. For me I was not depressed to the point of wanting to take my own life but have been depressed from time to time. Depression came from thinking I could never fix the problem, being in a male body when I should had been in a female body.

Things change in 2013 with the assistance of the therapist and doctor and have never been more happy and content.

In the past year I have been living full time as a female and been taking hormones in preparation of GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery) on January 27, 2015 which is at this time one month away.

The main intent for this blog is as a diary to document my journey to becoming a female which of course I can never be the same as someone born as a female but will be to the best modern surgery can do. Also, surgery does not resolve all issues but for me couple this with continual support of friends, doctors and therapist I believe without a doubt I will be very happy and I am very happy right now.

I will be in California from 1/25 to 2/6/2015 and will be documenting the best I can dependent on what type of medication I am given.