In preparation for a male to transition to a female they really should have facial electrolysis done so not to have that five o’clock shade. Not only does this bring one into alignment with one of the female traits of smooth soft skin but also elevates the need for constant upkeep of shaving every single day.

There are many factors to how much electrolysis is needed an varies from person to person. For me it after the fact it was several stages done of the span of several years. At first it was every two weeks. Doing this every two weeks allows one area to be done then move to another area then move back to the first area. In general there is a hair growth cycle so one area can not be worked on each visit, my cycle is three weeks which is pretty average.

What could had been intolerable was the upper lip area but was fortunate to have a technician with an agreement with a dentist in the same office complex. Prior to her working on my upper lip area I would get an injection from the dentist then proceed with a hour session concentrated on the upper lip region.

For years after all facial hair had been removed I still had sessions as there were many very fine white hairs that grow very long but were hard to see so I did one hour sessions for several years to remove them.

Many think that you get all hairs removed but that is not so, just about all females have what we call peach fuss which is very hard to detect which is where I am at and can not remember the last time my face was worked on outside of my eyebrows. One year ago I have permanent cosmetics done on my brows so the additional electrolysis was done as the procedure altered the structure of my brows to be more like a natural female. The brow area is pretty much done also, work gets done on them every three months for about 15 or less minutes.

Now comes pain, to prepare for GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery) one must remove hair in the genital region as shown in the simple drawing below.


I needed to find someone else to do this as the current person had a stroke and lost the use of one arm. I got a electrolysis technician who had never done this before and would not do this just for anyone but she agreed to do this for me as I had used her while the other woman was recovering from her stroke.

She suggested I get a cream that needed a prescription from my doctor which in turn stepped it up a notch.

Before beginning (weeks prior to starting) we chatted about how much needed to be done and her plan for moving forward. The position was no different then how she does the female region and after several weeks made adjustments position wise when moving to the area under the scotum area where even with the prescribed cream I would rate the pain level at four where one is low and ten is high. Now the it is important to know that pain could be higher depending on the skill of the person doing the work along with the person pain threshold tolerance for pain. I saw a special on television that shows to some degree a male going through this procedure and this person was crying like a baby. Thank goodness I took this much better.

Anyone who is considering male to female transition needs to know that genital and facial electrolysis are critical to transitioning and are only a small part of the journey but your resolve must be strong, otherwise you journey will be hard and I believe that many do not have this in their mindset and can very well lead to a downward spiral which is not good.

Anyway I had a two hour session on my genital region today with three more sessions remaining until my surgery in less than thirty days. Afterwards I went to a doctor appointment for a EKG and HIV lab work. My doctor was kind to mail the EKG report to my surgeon and will do the same for the HIV results next week when they are done. I am also gratefully to his staff who are so nice to me and every time I go in they always have nice things to say too me.