For so many years I traveled through life portraying something I was not, was good at it but was never right. I recently read True selves which goes over why I did this which was to over compensate in the event people would take me as feminine, not a real man even though this was not what I wanted as society would not understand. Any ways for the past year I have been living as a woman but not until the past few month and very comfortable as a female but lacked the ‘fit like a glove’ feeling. I am now more aligned with feeling more natural without even thinking about it. Just yesterday I thought to myself while walking through a store in the mall how I presented myself and when self evaluating myself afterwards could point out many female traits which all were subtle which when they are all added up make a big difference not only to how others see me but how I feel about myself.

When the opportunity presents itself men open doors for me, let me step into the elevator first and call me ma’am. Every time I go to the local Jack-in-the-box the manager always seem to hand me my meal, got this feeling he likes me which is a good feeling even though I am not into men but is another validation I am walking through the right door.

What prompted me to write this entry was finding a lovely setup for my living room wall and know full well I would not had done this 12 months ago.