Since I lived as a male who taught military, law enforcement, MMA fighters and civilians my home was done to mirror my male personality. I had many people over for various reasons and of course dating woman.

There were practice dummies littering my first floor, swords on many walls and many edge weapons out in plain sight (firearms that were not on me were in a gun safe). The theme was black and white, no pictures on the wall or anything else for that matter.

Over the past year I have distanced myself from teaching so no more need for my home to be as it has been for the past 13 years. Over the past six month I have been slowly renovating my place starting with hanging pictures on the walls that no man would put up and are very tasteful. Moved the vast majority of weapons out of sight but no all as I will still be me and I have always had a passion for edge weapons from collector to self-defense to teaching. I have told several instructors whom I interact with and informed them I will be teaching again next summer.

House-CleaningToday I went through my entire home, one last sweep for all things male and thing I needed to tuck my privates (which will be gone in three weeks). Frankly I did not expect to find much male clothing and was right, two pairs of underwear, that was it, they were out of sight which I why I missed them before. Now for tucking my privates I had a lot because over the years I would experiment with different methods and for one reason or another did not get toss them until today.

Next week I am going back through my place and clean it really good so that when I come back it will be spotless not that its fairly clean now but could use a tad more cleaning.

lamp Also went to the grocery store for vegetables for dinner and decided to see if they carried any disposable bed sheets, found them in the female section. I will need these to make sure that I do not soil the bed at my hotel and when I get home. Next I picked up a new lamp for bedside as the current one was totally male.

tears Unlike yesterday I stayed away from watching anything on television that would get me emotional as in the past few weeks I get emotional especially when watching chick-flicks but not otherwise. Thinking of emotional I have been self examining myself simple because I just noticed small things about myself differed from several months ago, little things like how I carry myself, more confidence with my voice (still need work) and smiling.