Wow not much to say other than everyone took it like it was no surprise at all so the lesson here at least for me is I did it right. What I mean is I did not flip a switch and go from macho man to very feminine female. For yesterdays meeting with my small team I left two books on my desk and indicated if they wanted to know more about what is going on with me read one or both books and told them the one book had a chapter on just me. I have two team mates that I have worked with for twenty years were one took me up on reading my story while the other one simply asked questions. In the end all is great.

After the meeting this morning I worked another hour than took off (preplanned) to visit my bank for documents such as SSN and birth certificate then drove straight to DMV thinking as usually it will be busy but there were only two people in front of me. Walked up to get a ticket and the lady there asked “How can I help you today?” and indicated I was there to get a new license with name and gender change. She smiled and went to short work on filling in a few lines on a form then said take a seat and they will call your number. About five minutes later they called me over, filled out a few lines more on the form then was told to wait to have my picture taken which was about two minutes, picture taken then was told the temp license  was good for a week and that my permanent license will arrive in less than one week. Total time in DMV was 21 minutes.

Next up was a drive to my bank to change my name there and get a new debt card which was completed in less than 15 minutes.

After thoughts; felt good after the all the above but not overly happy. Went home, made lunch and it hit me, goose bumps and a great feeling shot through my soul in such a good way. All in all what a wonderful day.