1. I Got up this morning, checked my email then was shutting down my laptop so I could take it to work as I had notes on it for a meeting. Well Windows does a update while shutting down and then shuts down as it should. I then power it up to ensure it did not have more updates or needed to finish the last update as it does sometimes. To my surprise (the first one of the day) when it boots back up (and I forgot about this) all three monitors are active. Several days ago I tried to dock my laptop to the docking station I use for work, both my laptop and my work laptop are Dell’s. When I tried to first dock it installed drivers but the two additional monitors did not activate and seems a reboot was needed Woohoo.
  2. Today was the day to come out to work (yeah they pretty much knew already). After lunch I met with my manager (I told him last month) and eight co-workers. Long story short, they are all supportive and spent about thirty minutes discussing things. After the meeting I went back to work with four of them (we are on a specialized team) and nothing else was spoken about me but we went on as if nothing transpired minutes earlier. If there was a bad question (not really) two of them said “I have known you for twenty years, hope you don’t mind a slip up here or there when I forget you are Karen and I call you Kevin”. I said, no problem, will answer to both for the time being.
  3. On December 15th I completed the first of three parts for my name change and was told a notice would be mailed to me in seven to ten days. Well after four weeks I decided to go to the court house and inquire about the document that was to be mailed to me. They said it went out today and would arrive in several days. What went through my mind was, got to wait again and bring back the document to complete the process. Well they were kind enough to circumvent the process, printed out the document that was being mailed to me and completed the process right then and there. So now I am officially Karen Payne. Starting tomorrow I will hit Social Security and DMV to start changing those documents. Friday I will visit my bank and get a new debt card. From there I need to change countless documents but they can get done of the course of the coming month.