SF I am not sure exactly when my realization of emotions changed in the past year but now I have fully embraced the new sensations that come from obvious triggers such as the preverbal trigger of watching a chick-flick, hearing good or bad news or perhaps listening to someone singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” well.

In the past not much phased me that with other people I know would have opposite reactions to things than me and at times could not relate to what they were experiencing and now it’s a mix of controlling my emotions while other times it’s no holds barred in regards to how brain reactions to some situations.

I am assuming emotions must come from the brain even though many say it’s from the heart but my belief is it has to be part of the brain but have no problem using “from the heart”. This is because in recent weeks that is what it feels like rather than years before I analyzed things in life rather than simply feeling them except for a small percentage of the time.

Yesterday was full of emotions hours after my name change was finalized rather than immediately afterwards. I got up yesterday morning at 2:30AM and should had been tired and in bed by 8PM but the emotions and were on high alert and did not get to sleep until 10PM. My wakeup was vaguely recalling a nightmare where I spelled my name wrong on the name change and was so real I was upset and had to actually pull out my wallet and check the spelling, great I did not spell my last name wrong.

I am now embracing these new emotions and enjoying them be it bad or good. In regards to bad, they have not caused any undue stress or depression which I have heard this may happen to some who are transitioning.