There is no greater feeling for me than to hand my debt card to someone with my female name. This of course will be eclipsed by my surgery.

Here is the deal, you dress as a female, work work work till you have a good female voice which is paramount. The thing is if you have a voice that is not female and dress well then forget it. More times than not I felt the same way about handing my debt card to a sales person, looks like a female, acts like a female but is this a stolen card, her husbands card or is it? Then a good sales person will ask for ID, crap, it confirms that I am not a female. Now one time the sales person said “Kevin is an odd name for a girl but you know what I like it”.

I repeat, having your female name on your debt card is fantastic but wait, it’s fantastic to have your driver’s license with “F” for female which I am thrilled over.

I have concealed firearm carry permits in Oregon, Utah and Florida which I have started the process on them also. Now what is next 🙂