As I dissolve my daily dose of Estradiol at the normal time which should be relaxing but is just another pit stop for what just followed and more to come. In my last post I mentioned getting up at 2am because I was primed and ready from my name change still but all in all was not a very busy day unlike today which was filled with accomplishments and frustration.

Around 8am I work through changing my name on my AT&T account which was child’s play thank goodness, had a customer service representative assist me unlike the horror below with Macy’s evil robot customer service rep.

At 9:45am I am at my appointment for lab work to scan my leg for blood clots, a precaution before physical therapy on the calf of my right leg. About 25 years ago I experienced a tightening pain in my right calf and not one of three doctors could figure out. My last resort was a chiropractor who figured out the issue (never told me exactly what) and had me fixed in under 30 minutes. Well about every three or so years it came back and was told to crack my ankle which worked until last month so now I am back at the start. So I find out that 9:45 was way too early, 10:15 was check in and was done check-in by 9:55am. Waited until 10:15 as someone else cancelled. Scans took 30 minute, results in 20 minutes with no clots.

From here I decided to stop at Macy’s to see if I could change my name on my card but they had no clue. Came home and spent about one hour in battle with their automated customer service system getting partial suggestion but no solution. Did I get frustrated, YES I did. Finally I am screaming at the robot customer service representation and pounding on 0 which finally put me through to a live person yippee but was short lived as they had crappy English but got my point across and they are sending me instructions to follow, oh Lord help me.

Now back to the store, I walked by the shoe department and a pair of high heels screamed at me “you will love me!!!”, asked to try them on but the display shoes in size seven were the last ones. Nay, I can not fit my 9.5 feet into a size seven no matter how much I wanted them so we parted ways. The sales lady said I might have a pair you might like and after bringing them out I thought to myself, nope, will not work. She asked me to try them on because she found out the other shoes could be ordered from another store. Well I fell in love with them, purchased the $129 heels for $100 and thought all in the world was great until I got home and spent one hour with my evil customer service robot.

Home again to a Italian roast beef sandwich then on the phone to the electric company to change me name on the account. Although the customer representative was very helpful I was told to bring in my state documents documenting my name change. This is a drive to not want to take on a Friday afternoon as it’s super busy and congested drive. LOL I get there, they photo-copy my document and said, all done, less than five minutes.

On the way home I stop at the grocery store for dinner and spy across from the meats a huge container of special potato salad, looks good so I purchased a pound then decided to head over to Comcast to change that account, move sluggish driving to arrive at the office with little to no cars “great this will be fast”… no no no, the office closed in September dang dang dang. So back home, open the potato salad and it’s evil but in a grand way, took one bite, another, another then another and had to force myself from eating the entire container.

So now I will take an hour rest and head back out for more name changes.

For those who are considering transitioning or have not done a name change yet let me tell you it feels great but is eclipsed by amount of documents and accounts which need to change. I am not complaining (yeah sure I am not), just saying it’s a long an tedious process. So be forewarned that if you head down this path it’s wonderful and organizing both at the same time so be prepared.

After dinner and the day is done I will look back at today and laugh because in the end it was well worth the effort to move forward and leave the man behind so that the female could be all she can be.