SpGardensent time with one of my best friends at the Lan Su Chinese Gardens in Portland Oregon this morning. Never heard of this place before and would never guess such wonderful place existed in the center of a large city and was well worth visiting. It could easily say (if not from Oregon) that the visit would be better if not for the rain but “Hey it’s Oregon” and rain does not stop Oregonians from getting outdoors and doing whatever they want. Came home, eat some red white and bleu potato salad which was so good I went to the store to buy more, not that I will eat more today but want it close by when the cravings hit me.

Next up, now that I have legal documentation to purchase airfare for my trip to California in two weeks I booked my flights to and from. Having my name and gender officially changed makes me feel more at ease in just about anything I do now woohoo.