For over 10 years I taught self defense to all walks of life which I stopped eighty percent of this when starting what I call the beginning to a new beginning which was going full time and taking hormones. The reason for bringing this up is that many will indicate they lose jobs, shunned by family, friends and co-workers which was I did not experience but knew full well that the eighty percent work I stopped was because I believe students would not understand what I was doing and hinder the owner from getting a steady flow of students. This was a hard decision to make so that I could begin my new life and something would give here be it losing students from me or me leaving before that happened, tuff choice but it was the right thing to do. Hopefully I can get back into teaching after I recover from GRS sometime this summer. I do know that there are former students who have recommended me to others and I simply tell these people when they call I am booked rather than try to explain my transitioning.

I wanted to show how I had presented myself when teaching, had lots of photos but the majority had student faces so they can not be used thus the two below, no faces.

DSC_1019  RangeShot