Talked to the surgeons assistant yesterday to confirm limo service to pick me up at the airport. Also signed and mailing out the last few forms for surgery.

Now I am a fairly calm person under stress but yesterday it kind of all hit me and started stressing out. Walked into my physicians office yesterday asking them to FAX a lab result to my surgeons office as per instructions from the hospital down there. Stopped at the desk and that is when I get a little weak in the legs and a rush through the old brain. Once done what is a girl to do? I had chocolate in my car, extra large Hersey bar, did not take long to consume it and felt much better.

Today the feeling from yesterday was long gone but I felt like I had checked out at work and told my fellow employees that I felt that way which was fine with them. Tomorrow is my last day at work as I am taking off next week in preparation for surgery the following Tuesday. Lots of little things to do starting with giving my UPS Luggage to the UPS store so that it arrives at least one day prior to me arriving and need to contact the hotel about this too.

In regards to luggage, the luggage container is cardboard and is quite large. I am packing it with things needed and can be disposed of when leaving California so I only need to carry my laptop on the flight to and from California. No fancy clothes or shoes, focus is on comfort.

Time for so chocolate!!!