Today was my last day at work, took off next week to get things done like prepare my place for when arriving home ranging from clean bed sheets, clean the place (I clean regularly) to having food available, food that will last two weeks.

At work we joked when I gave my nameplate away to another co-worker who collects them when people leave or retire. The joke is if someone asked for me by name they would respond with something like “he does not work here anymore”. I have too wait for a new nameplate until after I return as I need my new driver license for prove of identity to get the new SSN and then Human Resources changes my name, ask me to get a new picture for my security badge and yes, a new nameplate.

I got on the elevator this morning and saw another worker who months earlier figured out I was trans* saying I had lots of female energy. Pulled out my temp driver license to show my new name and gender was F. We got off and chatted for about ten minutes and said, see you when you get back with a hug and kiss on the cheek.

About an hour before leaving two team members wished me luck with my surgery then passing another co-worker’s desk said see you when you get back and interested in meeting Karen. This co-worker and I have been working together for about 18 years, I attended his wedding and training him and his wife in one of my self-defense classes.

Got home, quickly traded my Victoria’s Secret jeans for leggings which I am most comfortable in along with a medium weight pink sweatshirt. Off to the post office to mail several documents to the surgeon then hit the store, picked up some female underwear that I deem good for after surgery, came home and now ready for a cup of coffee.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to get my hair done in the morning which I have not done for almost three months as the way I take care of my hair makes a difference for coloring. Need to call my best female friend in the morning to see about going to the movies on Saturday.