I have been going to the same hair salon for over twenty years where the first five or so was long hair then short hair when I started teaching professionally as a defensive tactic instructor. So most of the stylist knew me as the man who was always dressed in black, mysterious that did not talk very much, they had to pry things out of me and even then was tight lipped.

Six or so months ago I came out to the people there and after a few visits the manager said I want to do you hair before leaving for surgery. So last week I asked if she would be there next Friday (today), yes I will be in and would love to do your hair.

They open at nine in the morning and was through the doors shortly there after. I sat down and before I knew it about an hour had past which was nothing else then three of us chatting. Remember I said above, I hardly spoke with them and now I was a chatterbox.

So it’s time to do my hair, they usually will do dark for the base than a touch of blonde for highlights. Today she said, would you mind doing more highlights? I said sure it would be fun to do this. With all the talking doing the process it took another two or so hours to complete the process. When I was leaving she gave me a hug and asked if I would either call the shop when I was rested after surgery or if that was not possible to stop by when back in town.

Returned home and checked out my new colors and truly love them and was well worth the time spent both talking and the process of coloring my hair. Both of the ladies working there told me that to them I was a happier person than in the past but did not tell them that part of this was from moving forward with transition along with (still partly due to transitioning) putting behind me the guise of executive protection role/police mentality.