I heard the following quote recently and thought this really applied to me. Think about it, this is somewhat of a paradox thinking about first there is the realization “I was born in the wrong body, my brain and physical body are not in alignment”. In general, the brain is befuddled and in many cases leads one on a either a downward spiral in some cases to suicide or hover in a never-ending poor quality of life because we feel helpless concerning gender identity. I truly believe that there are two main factors that can change one’s course is their own fortitude/resolve to make the appropriate life change, male to female, female to male coupled with the general consensus of their community.   

“When it comes to life, we spin our own yarn, and where we end up is really, in fact, where we always intended to be.”
― Julia Glass, Three Junes

We may spin our own yarn either in a positive or negatively manner which may be based on self-worth and/or how our community perceives you. Then we need to consider resources outside of our physical community which in many cases comes from support groups on the world wide web.

If you start off with the wrong mindset because your community dictates you as an outcast then you are heading in the wrong direction. If the community is of this mindset and you simply sit back and do nothing life will never be great. If instead those on the same journey to transitioning make a pack with one’s self to do what it takes which surely means a little or a lot of sacrifice then life can very well be great which closes the circle and we end up where we always should had been. So it is up to me and you to spin the yarn and become one with ourselves.  

I recently wrote about my hair stylist telling me that I was a much happier person and interesting enough another professional indicates the same. I could had spun my yarn completely different and end up in a bad place and may not have noticed I had but instead I am doing what will in the end make my happy. It does come at a cost, let’s say forty-thousand dollars for what it takes for GRS (Gender Realignment Surgery) and giving up activities I truly felt like I could not but now have found I can reclaim some of what I had lost and see good things happening down the road. 

Life is good and looking forward for what lies ahead.