Went to the Social Security office to obtain a new SSN card and realized going at 8:45 (they open at 9 AM) thinking I could walk right in, I was sadly mistaken as it’s a day after a holiday. Had to get in a rather long line for a 15 minute wait in clothes not suited for standing out in the cold, my ballerina slippers quick made my feet feel like I had no shoes on and it’s just under 40 degrees. I thought it could not get worst but in that 15 minutes I was hit on by two men. Finally the door open, another ten minutes to get a ticket, sit down and wait. Didn’t have to wait more than five minutes before my name was called. Indicated I was there for a name and gender change, a few questions, show my letter for my therapist and driver license and done. My new SSN card should arrive while I am in California recuperating from surgery.

Went home for a nice hot cup of coffee then packed my UPS Luggage and drive over to the UPS store. I went there last week to see when I should ship the luggage, they said Tuesday would be fine and do not close the luggage, if packing is needed they would pack it. Well the woman opened the luggage to see six tubes of KY jelly and gave me a look, I smiled back and said (could not resist), I am going to have fun this coming weekend.

Back home for a bite to eat then off to the local courthouse to obtain a document to use for a name change on my Concealed Handgun Permit at 10am tomorrow morning. They did say my pen could not go inside (not surprised as it’s a tactical pen) and they said it would be held for me.

Of course once home I realized that I did not pack enough of my meds for the trip, only a weeks worth so I immediately put another week’s meds in a container and placed it in my laptop backpack which is the only thing I am taking on the plane as I would be lost without my laptop.

Six more days and counting woohoo!