Started off at the Sheriff’s office to renew my concealed handgun permit. Once in the appointment had a nice talk with the woman processing my renewal and got into a discussion about teaching which lead to me telling her were I use to teach for ten plus years. She said the group has much more people coming to their office for their CHL. Then she asked if I know a deputy, oh yes, we worked a few stakeouts together, taught firearms and he was a student of mine for edge weapons training and too boot he had asked me to supply security for this wedding a couple of years back in California. Also noted I still not sure how he found time to work here in Oregon and meet/date a woman six hours away in California, never did pry. Seems with the the talking when asked to review my new concealed handgun license she had spelled my name Jare and had to do it over again.

Then I get a call from the surgeons office saying they did not get the full fee for surgery, where is it? I pointed out I paid by certified check dated 12/5/2014. Then they also indicate my second letter of recommendation had not arrived. Okay I am officially worried.

But wait, they call me back and said they found the certified check had been cashed my their accounting department but still did not get the letter.

So off to UPS, drive through lunch time traffic which was not the best then do the FAX. Hopefully all is well know. Time for some lunch and de-stress.