In my former life I taught self-defense on a weekly basis which as both fun and taxing since being a senior instructor for a group that was extremely busy meant I was also teaching one night a week for four hours and on most weekends taught one or two days then now and then even took off work for special classes such as military heading to the sandbox that wanted last minute training.

I belonged too several forums specific to talking about all facets of self-defense and many times specifically with firearms and had been a respected member. So now I have left the majority of this behind and have signed up as Karen and noticed sometimes I am not taken seriously which I heard would happen even with the same knowledge and expertise I see females are not taken the same as men. A wise woman told me that “It’s a man’s world” and expect to be treated differently when it comes to things that I am an expert on.

My background includes certifications in teaching close quarter combat, edge weapons, firearms, LEO baton and handcuffing along with several other things which I will not go into here. It’s going to be interesting to see how things go thinking online but there is no doubt that I can hold my own person to person as I am well versed in the areas above.

So it begins~