Had a schedule for my first waxing this morning. I have heard that it hurts when they remove the strips but was pleasantly surprised that it was not that bad. She was going to do my legs but she said, there is virtually no hair on your legs, when was the last time you shaved them? I said about two months ago so with that she did not bother with my legs. First she did my bikini line, both highs and above the public area then moved on to my arm pits. For my armpits she did some plucking afterwards as there were a few hairs running a different growth cycle (if you have had electrolysis done you know what I mean).

When she was done she said good luck with surgery next week and please text me when you are feeling up to it after surgery telling her how things went.  I have been working with her on and off for the past three years on various parts of my body and have become not only operator and client but friends and do tend to talk a good deal while she works on me,