There are many little things to do before leaving like alert the trusted neighbors (and give them my house and mailbox key) for security and no overflow of mail. Luckily my mailbox is a very secure lock box and the neighbors are great who I have known for about 18 years.

Empty from the kitchen things that will not be good in two weeks. Setup my living room recliner with adult size bed pads and KY Jelly (and paper towels) for dilation (three times each day). Secure all my weapons and musical instruments.  There is just a lot of little things.

Now I am going to wash my hair, more likely than not the next time I can wash my hair will be in over a week.

I am so sure there will be other things as the night wears on and will handle them as they come to mind. One thing is for sure, I am going out to dinner.

This girl is ready!!!