I decided to take a early shuttle from Salem to Portland airport as sometimes in the morning the main highway I-5 can get either hectic or down right slow down to a crawl. Now I have a three hour wait.

On a good note I have zero problems with TSA unlike a few people ahead of me who were detained and two other people who seemed to have insufficient printouts for boarding. Then there is one guy believe it or not that was bring a broom as carry-on, wonder that kind of story is behind this.

As I am sitting here have noticed there are a lot of people here early morning. Starbucks latte was 95 cents above what I would normally pay but there was a ordinary donut that was priced at $3.95, wow.

I can see that this is going to be a long wait so perhaps I will play a game then read a book on my iPad. I am taking both my laptop and iPad as both have their places.

So with time to spare I decided to walk around, get some exercise while doing so. Did not get more that 100 yards and a shocking thought went through my head “I forgot the charger for my laptop!!!!!” yeek, the battery is not going to last two weeks let along one day. So I am heading in the direction of all the stores, see one that looks promising, sales person said, how are you doing mam’m and I replied, not good, just remembered I forgot my laptop charger, he said, how much time do you have? Two hours. He directed me to another section of the airport, said that a store there may have one. It took 10 minutes, arrive and it appears that they may very well not have it. Sales lady comes out, can I help you? Told her my story, she says I believe we have one, let me check. Guess what, it’s the last one. I asked if we could test it out? Yes, booted up my laptop, waited about 30 seconds and YES it works and also has a port for working with USB types. Lastly, about half the size of my power supply I left at home. Downside, cost me $79 but the upside eliminates the frustration of no laptop for two weeks, I am a happy girl.

Arrived in California on time, limo picked me up and drove me to my hotel in style. Got to my room and it is great. Changed my clothes to get comfy then off across the street for food shopping for dinner (fish), lunch and of course plenty of coffee, sugar and creamer. They give you plenty of coffee, sugar and creamer but I have specific taste in coffee and the sugar is in packets and use to shoveling it out of a container thus this needed to happen. Wait, I am taking a break for a second cup, be right back.

So tomorrow I have my pre-surgery appointment, need to get a taxi for this. Tomorrow night get the nasty “make you poop” meds, glad I have my iPad with me to keep me company. More to follow.