Met with my surgeon Marci Bower this morning. Asked me a lot of questions then we discussed the surgery, what to expect results wise along with recovery. Then there was a short physical were I was told there was plenty of length for depth for my vagina. Next she examined my throat for the trach shave. She indicated how she was going to do the process. When all done she said that my Adam’s apple was the only non female aspect of my face and that I had good facial and bone structure for a female which made me happy. I did tell her “I see myself everyday and that I am a harsh critic and reply on the honesty of others”.

Lastly she said I will be given her personal phone number and email address and not to hesitate to call her. Also said she does this for all going through this process but only about one percent take her up on it. I will not hesitate to call or email her if I feel the needed.

I have to say that she has a very nice personality were some reviews said she was not that nice. Also she said that her check-in are short so do not expect a long check-in.

Lastly, I have all my meds for after surgery and now counting time down, tick-tock, tick-tock.