I am done with my bowel expulsion, lasted about one hour or so and happy it is over with. It started with absolutely no warning, yes a little brown on the underwear but it washed out fine not that I am worried too much as they will only be needed until 6 AM tomorrow morning since after they remove the packing in six days I have new underwear.

Thinking about clothing, since the hotel offers free laundry service I only brought three top, two bras, one pair of loosely fitting leggings, one normal pair of leggings, PJ’s, pair of warm socks and lastly a dress that is suitable for being very comfortable in so that I can go from loose legging to dress and stay comfortable.

Right now the tough thing is, last time I ate was ten hours ago and starting to really feel hungry now as I am living on coffee and ginger ale. Can’t wait to be able to eat again after surgery.