Third day after surgery (I actually messed up, this is the third day in the hospital but second of three days for recovering).

Roughly at around 3 AM gas built up inside of me and was at first releasing then from roughly 4 AM until 10 AM nothing but extreme pain.

Important to understand before moving on. As per the paragraph above my pain level using 0-10 as a scale was at 7 were for the average person my 7 would be someone else’s over the top of say 14 to 15.

With this going on I was not getting any assistance from the nurses and once I got them did not hold back on how I felt, in essence more likely than not put the fear of God into them and from that point on never saw neither of them again 🙂

I was given meds (I was too out of it to know what I was given) and would be another two hours until I felt half way decent but at no time did I eat solid foods until about 8 PM which was because all food smelled gross to me.

I am going to stop here with a word of advice, when the nurses ignore you and you realize they are wrong, do not simply taking it, you need to be assertive!