One of my procedures is to keep my privates clean at this point via wipes then antibiotic ointment when new pad. Before I mentioned that those who saw my vagina before me (females seeing it) said it was well constructed and after seeing pictures agree. Today if one gazes between my legs (and this is normal) it is ugly, black and blue but in the center very lovely. Okay, back on track, I need to use a hand mirror to put on the antibiotic ointment which was not easy in this condition and could see how others might have issues doing these things.

Just remember, surgery is not the end, it  is part of a continued journey that never ends. I can count a handful of people who are currently considering GRS but don’t realize the full scope and commitment needed. So this goes back to “why” I do these blog postings, not for me but for those who are contemplating GRS. As always I am fully committed and happy in my new skin 🙂