Got to the hospital right on time at 6 AM, signed in then was taken to a room for the stuff one would expect for any operation, formalities.

Marci came in at 7:45, did some outlining for my trachea shave. Soon after (leaving out some small things) that I was wheeled into the OR and next thing I know I am laying there after the operation. Let’s say the two operations were about six hours total.

After about 30 minutes I was taken up to my private room. For the next hour or so I was being taken care of by the nurses. At this point and all the time post surgery I feel really good considering what I just went through.

I did not see my new vagina until my best friend showed me by taking a picture. I was told and/or my new vagina was good. What I remember is inn short, there is no penis but a vagina which should had been there all along. No matter I have not treated this day as a completely new event but no different then going to the store for groceries but at the same time a pinnacle event. Smiles~