The following thought came to me, what would I be doing right now without my essentials? The answer is go absolutely crazy.

What do I mean by essentials? What one needs while recovering from surgery which begins with the time directly after emerging from anesthesia to the time you leave for home.

I needed a good friend to be there for me which I had, next up was items that would keep me occupied which are (and have) my laptop, iPad and iPhone. The laptop has all the software which I use for work and can not stress enough that I love my profession enough to volunteer to assist others across the world and have been given several titles ranging from forum moderator for Microsoft to being a Microsoft MVP. I needed to mention these things not to gloat over achievements but much more to let those reading this to know I have hobbies which I can do while recovering. I have the laptop setup on a desk in my hotel with a mouse for the above while my iPad allows me to read e-books, check mail and get on Facebook.

It is very important to have a calendar program to keep yourself on schedule that range from when to take meds to keeping appointments then an app that has key information such as current med doses (my surgeon ask for them) that while in bed you have access and your phone should be pass coded. I have calendar information duplicated for something between my phone and laptop, get the idea right!

Other essentials might be having chocolate there or perhaps your fav coffee etc.