Today I wanted to get out and walk but it is too hot for me in my current condition. So I have the hotel leave me off at a close by mall which they said is not that big but for me, it is big.

Walked around the first floor, went into a few stores with no real intent on purchasing but would if I found something worthwhile. At least two time I had men checking me out where one was very obvious but I simply smiled and went on my way.

I then move to the second floor and just about ready to leave there is a nail salon!!! This girl loves her nails done and they were stripped of polish for surgery. No sooner did I step in and said “do you have time for shellac” I was being escorted to a chair. Picked a color and away she went. Just as she finishes it feels like my pee bag is ready to explode to I locate the nearest restroom, go enter, smile at a few woman there all ready, they smile back. I quickly close the stall door and a thought rushes thru my head, I have a vagina but need to empty my pee bag in a position no different than a man standing up and peeing. Okay nothing I can do about it, empty the bag, clean up and open the door. The woman are giving me the evil eye (I think they saw the position I was in even with the door closed and thought “Man dressed as a female” which I would have thought too. Here is how I left, smiled at them, walked to the center of the restroom and pulled up my pants to show the pee bag, looked up and they were giggling and I could see it on their faces, not a man dressed as a female but a female with the dreaded pee bag.

What is truly ironic is for almost two years of using the female restroom with a tucked penis I never had a problem and with no penis I had issues with my vagina LOL.