As mentioned before from entering the hospital to rolling into the operating room I felt no different than getting in my car and going grocery shopping. No second guessing at all.

Starting on Friday (three days after surgery) I was instructed to use antibiotics to stay off infection. This is done by laying on a couch, legs spread with a mirror for seeing things down there and apply the ointment. During and after this process I take time to examine (visually) my vagina and sutures. As I am looking down there I just can not help thinking the area is all black and blue and swollen but is indeed well done. Perhaps it will hit me later but at the present time it is like I had the vagina much longer than just under a week.

I hear many post operation people get very excited over the removal of their male parts to be replaced with female parts and I see nothing wrong with this yet I am simply taking this as not a completion of becoming female but instead a stepping stone to what lies ahead and truly believe this is where I will be excited and may be just may be overwhelmed which I will gratefully welcome.

On that note and I am not sure why but I actually cried today while watching a documentary on people going through treatment for cancer. I mean there was not only crying but also body was shaking almost uncontrollably and I embraced this new feeling.

Tomorrow is my after surgery appointment with Doctor Browsers and can not wait to have the pee bag removed. Wait for this coming Friday to journey back home. Hopefully I can get back to work in another week or two at the most but have taken off three weeks if I needed the time