Since yesterday been dealing with bowel movements and thought I was done until while out at the mall close by getting socks for my boots I began feeling really crappy (excuse the pun) from that feeling one gets from having to go where you know it is not your standard bowel movement. Called the hotel to get a ride, they were just leaving to pick up people at the airport and I said (rather than wait) pick me up and I will do the round trip so they did and the air made me feel much better. Back to the hotel and complete the bowel movement, feeling much better and wanted to relax but then my mouth started hurting (I need a bridge but wanted to wait till after surgery) egads, one thing after another but took the red pills and 30 minutes later feeling better.

Thinking health wise for surgery, as told there is about 90 percent less drainage so I am now using less pads. While looking down there I notice much of the black and blue and swallowing has demised so that is going great. I also notice since Marci removed the padding (I mentioned this in another entry) I do not need my donut anymore thank goodness.

Tonight I going out with a friend and hope my bowel issue does not raise it’s ugly head again.