Yesterday was great but at the same time a bit overwhelming both physically and mentally. I can look at what made the day this way by approaching everything from different perspectives but will stick with one, way too many “new” things added to the day that has semi-new things that were dropped on top of things I have been doing forever.

Last week after being released from the hospital I was given directions to use a specific ointment two times a day which there is preparation. Take this pill every six hours, take this pill three times a day and do not forget the laxative several times but not too much either. Throw another cog into the mix,  pee bag and constantly changing pads.

So yesterday I am shown/instructed to dilate three times a day. There is a good deal of preparation involved, get something out to suck-up body liquids, place the different things out that go into the tool, setup the stopwatch. Try to relax before starting by stripping down and taking a few deep breaths. Now proceed, positioning is important of the body and the angle (there are two) that the tool goes in then wait for 15 minutes. Afterwards there is the cleanup which is a good 15 minutes.

Put that all together along with the urge throughout the day to have a bowel movement which was no a warm and fussy feeling and it can be somewhat stressful.

I did not realize this until this morning and would had let it go but felt that it needed to get out because others that read this blog and go through this process need to know about the little things which add up.

Kind of like when a grandchild says “Grandpa, what was it like in the war”, Grandpa does not tell the grandchild he did a battle-crap before or while in a battle, who is going to admit that or who really wants to hear that. Speaking of battle-crap, I recently heard that phrase in a recent movie but they used the phrase wrong.

In the end I am very happy so do not get the wrong idea about me and the day. I think back on it and think “it was a challenge which I tackled”