It is 6 AM which means I will be leaving California in six hours. Luckily I am having some bad bowel movements which is being mentioned as I would hate for this to happen near my time to leave.

Going to eat my last breakfast at the hotel in thirty minutes followed by my morning dilation then pack all that is returning with me while a good deal is being tossed. About an hour before leaving I leave my self defense tools with the front desk in a pre-paid UPS package which the front desk will tape up for me (asked the manager about this last night).

It has cost me six hundred dollars to stay past my post operation visit with Marci which is mandated by her to guard from things like infections, bleeding etc and I was thinking for a second, what a waste of money but then thought, what would I had done if in Oregon? There are no truly qualified surgeons that could of helped me with some issues so that six hundred dollars was needed to be spent. What was really hard was being stuck in a hotel from Tuesday thru Friday and the only true saving grace was visits from friends but when by myself I was fine being alone yet was limited to things to do and really happy for having my iPad and laptop with me. The last two days I watch a bunch of free movies on Amazon Prime and my laptop has an excellent display for watching movies.

So my time here is done and looking forward to being back in Oregon before 5 PM tonight.

Two of my neighbors have been both watching my place and bring in my mail. The one who brought in my mail has been in contact with me since the day after surgery, she is a good friend and has been supporting me for a very long time (even before I told her she figured it out and told me that she would not say anything till I broached the topic).

To make life easier, before I left for California I removed anything that would give me pause to smoke so it will be interesting if I stay strong, have one or two or fail. No matter I am sure I will indeed quit. To be honest I’ve smoked a few this week, one pack total where in the past I smoked one pack a day.