I just felt like it was a good day to get out as the morning I dealt with not feeling well in my stomach and sore down below plus a waterline broke about 4AM this morning and was not fixed until 7AM.

First place I hit was Victoria’s Secret, browsed around and found a style that suited me but took a while to pick out four colors. Then I was off to Macy’s which is in the same mall. Here I found a style that Victoria’s Secrets did not have so I purchase five pairs and the sales lady said that if I donated two-dollars I would get an extra 25% off on top of an already 25% off the prices of the underwear.

Then I got home FedEx had been here with a package from guess where? Victoria’s Secrets which was for several tops I can wear with leggings so I need to hit this around 10AM in the morning. Would had gone tonight but do not want to battle rush hour traffic.

I found out today that Victoria’s Secrets stopped selling jeans. They were the only place I really liked for jeans next to Levi’s so I am happy that when I did my last order it was for three pairs which are still unpackaged as I have four pairs I am currently wearing.  

Now that I think of it after wearing the VS panties that are white with pink dots and writing on the back (heck I remember as they are on me) I love them.