Last night I could not get to sleep at my regular time which is about 8PM as this fits me most of the time because I get up at 3:30AM.

Well it was about 11pm and felt like I could go to sleep very fast rather than just laying there waiting for sleep to come. So while dozing off I have get a flash of me with a partner and there it goes again, radiating out from my public region, tried to ignore it as I really wanted to get to sleep but that did not happen. Instead thought I would try massaging and see what happens. I found ‘the spot’ but did not expect much to happen as the majority of post ops report O’s months down the road so I expected the same.

Things were happening just enough to know my stuff was working and figured that I would stop. Rolled over and dang, there was a undeniable rush (for lack of better terms) of should I say lovely feelings. Guess I am not getting to sleep anytime soon. I did not give into going any farther even though I know I could get more from this experience but I rather have sleep. Took another hour and a half to doze off and while laying there I worked on blanking my mind out so the same thing would not happen again.

Note: While writing the last paragraph above the rush came back, such a good feel and very much different than how males get aroused.