So one month ago I had my GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery) and reflecting back on the says since then. It has been a wonderful thirty days filled with both ups and downs but there were more up’s then downs.

For the first several weeks I was napped a great deal, once or twice a day. In the past week I may or may not take a nap but when I do it’s about 30 minutes rather than one or two hours which as what happened the first three weeks after surgery.

Over the past few weeks there has been a throbbing pain where my legs meet my torso but as the weeks go by the pain is less and less and expect it to be gone soon.

I am very happy that I moved forward with GRS, it has indeed made me a a much more happier person overall.

The image below is from about four years ago when I made up my mind to move forward with surgery which is what the smile is all about.