So as my therapist and I discussed right before my surgery that surgery was indeed, in essence a small step in my journey. I went to California like I was taking just a normal trip to another state for a vacation yet in reality many on this journey would be doing back flips after a long and arduous path to cumulate with new body parts that were missing since birth. I look back to being wheeled into the operating room, bright light, lots of people there for my operations and I was numb to it all. When I woke up in the operating room the only thing that bothered me was the strong feeling I needed to urinate and not once thought about that my penis was gone forever replaced with a vagina.

When it hit I now had a vagina and everything had changed I still didn’t do back flips but instead as the days went from day to night was very grateful that the days were gone for good that my penis was gone.

What people need to understand is, for me although this was life altering but for many this is not how others handle such a life altering event.

Part of the ground work for me moving forward is continuing with therapy, think every two or three months to keep things in check. Many studies conclude that months or years after transitioning have a high rate for suicide which I am not one of them but know full well that no matter how strong I am that it is important to have a therapist to touch bases with as they can see things I can not.

Today is just over four weeks since surgery and totally enjoying being female and see nothing that will change that. The main thing that concerns me now is getting use to the largest dilator and getting back to work.

So happy I made the decision to move forward even though it would had been nice to have done this decades ago at least now it is done woohoo.