For those who don’t personally know me for years I have been a firearm and tactical empty hand and edge weapons instructor. Teaching a lot you and are good at it acquire many students and friends. I also was involved in executive protection also.  Beings I was certified as a armed security I donated time at gun shows. I stopped doing security at gun shows and for that matter stopped attending them.

This morning I got the urge to hit a weekend gun show. Went in and passed by several people I knew in my former life. Not one of them recognized me as a female. I even walked by one two or three time, stopped and made a comment on a handgun to the dealer. Thought he would had recognized me but no. Then I turned, poked him, he stared and said “is that you”, I said yes and was speechless. Had a short conversation, he wished me the best and went on our way.

This is not the first time I have walked by people I have known for years and not seen them for a while and did not get recognized. Most of the time I say nothing and go on my way.

I guess when one goes this distance you should expect people not to recognize you.

BTW I don’t attend gun shows to purchase firearms, already have plenty. It’s just fun.