It has been forty-five days since my surgery, forty-days since first dilating and I am finally comfortable with the larger of the three dilation tools.

In short, the dilation process three times a day since first starting has been painful when moving from the middle size tool to the larger size tool. At first I could only handle five minutes out of fifteen-minutes. So I would do ten minutes with the middle size then five with the larger. I then progressed to five minutes with the middle size and ten with the larger size. For about three weeks of doing this most was painful until today. This morning I did the usual, mid-size for five minutes then ten for the larger. For my mid-day dilation I decided to go solely with the larger one and was actually comfortable. Just finished my last dilation of the day and it was comfortable too.

About mid-way in the process I chatted with Marci Brower and she said I must push passed the pain which I did and so happy I have reached the point to using only the larger dilation tool.

One more month at three times a day then for six months two times a day then thereafter one time a day. I will be so happy when reaching the point of one time a day~