life-is Every twelve months I am required to check in to my doctor for blood work in regards to me continuing on estradiol and spironolactone (anti-androgen). She indicated that there is no need to continue taking spironolactone since this is for blocking testosterone which I don’t have anymore.

Had a discussion on dilation, she transitioned 20 years ago so once a day for her. She sits in a warm bath tub and uses baby shampoo for lubrication, think I will need to try this for the middle dilation of the day. Also talked about breast implants which I told her I have an appointment with a surgeon in several days. She asked, do you spray when urinating? I did for about three weeks and now everything comes out as it should. On a side note I am very happy about this as it felt strange peeing and having pee on my legs.

Now here is something I found interesting, she believes that transitioning is one of the most difficult paths a human take embark on. As we know many want to but do not because of monetary issues or physiological issues. Then there are some who manage to have GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery) but in one way or another end up a failure which in some cases leads to death. I am fortunate to have many people help me along the way and it help that I had the mindset and the motivation to take the right path on my journey of life.

Also I have dedicated myself to helping in anyway possible others taking this journey. I was honored today by a person (Veronica) on a trans web site with the following in her blog. I take these matter seriously, supporting and assisting others must be done with “kid gloves” as this can affect a person in a positive or negative way. On the flip-side I also learn from the members on that web site.

There was this “transperson” named Karen. I read her blog. She was getting ready to take the ultimate leap of faith. And she shared that with us. Fabulous!  Now that trans person is gone. I shed no tear. Where did Karen go? Oh, she’s still here. The only Karen I know now is a woman who cares, shares, and has courage and conviction and does things to make the world better for everyone, not just a certain “community”. So there ya go. At some point you have to go from “transition” to transit. Karen is a woman who while still pulling stitches goes and teaches open hand self defense classes. That’s the woman I know, not the “transperson” I know.

One of my favorite sayings from teaching is “Always a student, sometimes a teacher”

Now wait a second, this entry was going to be on HRT but seems I went off the rails a tad bit. That’s just fine with me, have things to say and this is an excellent place to shout out to the world in hopes that someone will read this and in some small way motivate someone or give clarity from my entries, after all I have said it before and now again, these entries are not for me but for those who are on the same path as me.