44 Two days ago I consulted with a surgeon for getting breast implants. Originally the appointment was scheduled for May but they had me on a cancellation list so I got moved up. When making the appointment several weeks ago they gave me new patient forms which in the area for prior surgeries I listed GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery) which comes up next.

Gwen, an assistant leads me back to an examination room and said the doctor would be back shortly. Five minutes later they both come in, do an introduction and then begin chatting about what I wanted. I said my wish is to have breast suitable for my body frame and said I had GRS on 1/27/2015. Well both turn and look at me, dropped their jaws and said NO in disbelief. Without missing a beat I said “Thank you” as this is just another validation for me.

He took measurements then discussed several materials, shapes and sizes along with explaining in detail why one would be best for me. The entire discussion was longer than I thought, over thirty minutes.

I was given a price of just under $8000 for the procedure and said, when? I settled on May 21 which is the weekend of Memorial day so that will give me time to heal a bit before going back to work the following Wednesday as Monday is a holiday and Tuesday I work from home.

Very excited that in two months I will have my own breast!!!

I could had simply been happy with GRS but this is feeling like the right thing to do.