I think about those who want to transition in regards to gender, for many it is a long and arduous journey while others it’s long but a rather smooth ride. Foremost is how one is economically wise, attitude of the community they reside in and truth in real friends and family members who are supportive to this journey.

Many argue that their financial status prohibits transitioning in a positive manner because of community, friends and family. They may think they are being held down and can’t move forward because of these barriers. For some that is oh so true but for others I think it’s lack of motivation (and not meant to be condescending here). Now how can I speak this way? Well I started my work career as a low level laborer who worked five days a week then on weekends blow my paycheck on woman, alcohol and drugs for about three years until I realized this was not wise and did not want to continue down this path as I could never transition or have a decent life. Rather than sit around feeling sorry for myself I picked myself up and learned a trade which provided a decent income. Marriage got in the way of transitioning as I simply wanted to deny my inner true self. Then another spark was lit and I went into the unknown of computer programming twenty five years ago, divorced and leading a decent life other than I was still a female trapped in a male body. Three years ago I began a journey that two months ago allowed me to pay out of pocket for my GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery). So I feel I can say, get motivated and move forward if that is the path you need to travel.

With what I have learned gives me pause to think about how can I help others? My first step is to volunteer to meet with those going down the same path. Yesterday I made a commitment to myself in that if there is anyone who is going for GRS and has nobody there to support them I will offer coming to them for support for the first several days (including surgery date) or for the first few days they are out of the hospital to help them with whatever they need.  I will pay my own way in regards to airfare and hotel. I could careless if you are 20 years old or 70 years old, I will help.

So if you are out there and are in need of this support email me a paynekaren @ Comcast.net