The weeks following me back at work after surgery it appeared that only a few people seemed to distance themselves from me and know full well this might happen so no big deal.

One person, use to chat with me from time to time. When I returned to work they said hardly two words to me, thought she would not have acted this way but as mentioned before knew some would not take to me in my new identity.

Well today I was walking into work, she walks out and says “do you mind if I ask you a question?” Sure (now waiting for something like ‘why did you do this’) and she said, where do you purchase your outfits? I was not ready for that and said, Macy’s and Victoria’s Secrets. Then I told her that most local stores do not sell jeans and leggings in a 32 inch inseam. She then says “I hear you”, well she has the same problem as she is my height. She also complimented me on my outfits, said I picked cute outfits and said I looked really good. She also said (and I love this), someone told her that they thought I was 30 years old, that instantly got a smile on my face.

We chatted for a while and at one point said she thought I had a great deal of courage (in a good way) to do what I did.

They entire time she just smiled out me so I then knew she had nothing against my transition.

I told her about my surgery and that next month I am slated to have breast argumentation done and that I did not want large breast. She opens her jacket and said (she has very small breast but perfect in my opinion) I could use slightly larger ones and we both giggled.

I said it before and I will say it again, after transitioning talking with other females is completely different in the topics that come up along with how comfortable they are with me as a female.

So one more in my corner, since it happened in the early morning I can say it made my entire day~