The following is from the past, something jogged my brain so here we go.


I stopped playing guitar for many years then a Guitar Center opened close by. Ended up purchasing a fair amount of guitars and equipment and became a regular in the store but stopped after about six months as I had everything I needed for my home studio.

One day I want in for a checkup for intonation on one of my guitars, and this is prior to going fulltime so I did my best to dress with no female clothing, walked into the store and was greeted by an employee who had helped me before. Can I help you ma’am? I was rather setback as I figured here I am in male clothing and being made as a female and not being recognized so I went with the flow. Was handed off to the guitar tech who was a replacement for the last one I had work on my guitars and when he was done handed him my credit card saying this was my husband’s card, no problem. Walked out of the store and it hit me like a brick wall, I was so into using my female voice that I forgot to go back to my male voice which is why they treated me as female. The year before I did not even have a passable female voice but had worked hard to achieve one that in the store I completely forgot there was one still.

On a side note I had a iPhone pitch application that was not intended for voice practicing but got the idea when researching how to get a female voice. The video said to work on a C# pitch yet could not hold it all day so I settled for just below a C# which only on rare occasions do I lose it which tends to be when I am tired and must think about it. It may sound strange but I will do meows out loud which nobody has ever really said anything to me about it.