Yesterday was my date for breast augmentation. My main fear which came from my initial consultation was they recommended a C cup and had told them I wanted to be on the smaller size then larger but the surgeon that that the measurements taken recommend a C cup so I said okay.

Last Friday was my pre-surgery office appointment and re-iterated that I did not want large breast. He said that out of thousands of breast augmentations he had done only two came back and said they were too large. Out of the two one decided several months down the road they were the correct size. So I figure with that he must know what he is doing.

I arrived at the hospital yesterday where the did blood work and started me on an IV. About thirty minutes later the surgeon came in and did his lines for surgery. Shortly thereafter I was taken into the OR and (as I am sure many know this) remember nothing until I woke up.

Spent about one hour awake time in the recovery room and they were kind to bring me a Starbuck’s latte which I drank in no time.

Took a taxi home with my friend (she went with me and stayed the entire time), went to the bathroom to go and then pulled up my top to peek at the work that had been done.

No doubt was in my mind now, they are the perfect size and perfect shape for me. Each time I go to the bathroom I take another peek and have to say they make me happy.

Can’t say enough about my friend, she is wonderful in that she is taking care of me between making me meals and administering my meds.

The problems that come with breast augmentation are (at least for me), inability to sleep more than three hours and it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest yet is tolerable.