It has been four months now since my transition and two weeks since breast surgery and feeling comfortable in my current skin.

I am keeping appointments with my therapist who had approved me for surgery. This is being done because one never knows when life may take a down turn for the worst and leave one in a dark place. With that said I am not one to fall into depression because life tossed me a bad curve ball and can’t recover from this which some have issues with after surgery. The key is to be prepared both physically and mentally, have zero reservations to what will follow after surgery. A good therapist can spot issues that we can’t so I urge anyone on the same or similar path as me to make a commitment to have appointments to your therapist post surgery.

Socially speaking I am fitting in like a perfectly fitted bra done by a professional bra fitter. I am using tVictoriaSecretsShoppinghat analogy because yesterday my best female friend lead me to Nordstrom’s for a bra fitting where I not only received expedite service but also learned that how I was putting on a bra was the correct method. Then we headed off for a wonderful lunch in their restaurant. Of course we visited my favorite store, Victoria’s Secrets where I almost never come out empty handed as shown in the picture.

Thinking of pictures, I have not seen my mother since 2003 and she reminded me of this so I went to a professional photographer last weekend to have them take a picture of me and frame it for my mother. I ended up having about twenty photos taken, here are a few of them.