In my early twenties I dated a wild soul girl who had a car to match her personality, a Triumph Spitfire and I had a van which suited me in many ways from carrying tools to work, fornicating, yes it had a bed in the back as shown below. The last thing it was used for was my gender dystopia when it hit I had storage for female clothes, drew the curtain and I could transform into Karen.


JoanI looked around but found no picture of her sports car but here she is in my van. Why did the craziest things were many times we would be running from the local police in her sports car and never got caught. Once we went to New York city to get something in one of the worst parts of the city, I mean people enter and are never seen again, we made it out but was not easy.

Any ways we started sharing vehicles and from that I grow fond of sports cars but never actually purchased one mainly because of her car being available and a friend who let me drive some exotic sports cars so my thirst was quenched until I got married, had children which dampened the ability to purchase a sports car of my very own.

Fast forward twenty some years later were my boss purchased a Mazda Miata. He took me out in it a few times on business and then one day got to drive it and was oh so hooked.

For whatever reason I did nothing, guess I was simply too busy but from time to time thought about getting one. Then about four months before coming out as transgender asked a co-worker what he thought of the Miata. He’s been driving sports cars all his life and is an expert. Well he said “It’s a chick’s car”, why not get something that a man drives?

Another co-worker over heard us and pretty much said the same thing. Me, thinking, if they only knew.

A couple of months passed and I informed my workplace that I was transitioning. Guess what those two co-workers said. You need a Miata!!! Then he says you need to wait until the 2016 Miata come out.

We pulled up pictures of the 2016, yes I am in love with this car. Several months pass and I contact the local Mazda dealer, nope, not in yet. Several weeks pass and I get an email, we have one, want to test drive it?

Next day I took it out for a test drive and roughly two hours later I was the proud owner of this car, not cheap mind you, $30,000. The price tag included everything from turning headlights, auto-wipers, Bluetooth for controlling everything which is activated by voice, touch or joy stick.

The first week I was devious in that I dreamed up reasons to drive the car and always with the top down, wind in my hair never felt so good.

Last week I hooked up with the local Miata club and ended up being the center of attention as I had the only 2016 Miata not only in the club but in town.

We went for a ride in the country for about an hour or so with very challenging curves. Afterwards I was complimented several times on how well I handled the curves. The man who complimented me was the leader and has been racing cars for over twenty years so I knew what he was talking about. For the entire drive he only hit his breaks for stop signs which was amazing if one would had seen the curves.

It’s turning to the rainy season here in Oregon so take every chance I get to drive with the top down and love it.

I still have my old car a Toyota Camry XLE 2014 and not sure about selling it or not. At this point since purchasing the Miata I might have clocked three hours in the Camry tops.

It was been a spectacular year so far, gender reassignment surgery, breast augmentation and now my very own sports car.

I motto now when driving is “It’s all about the curves”

My Miata