For years I have been driving a Toyota Camry which was a great car but became boring. My cars prior to the Toyota (and the Camry) were all purchased brand new and served me well yet something was missing. About two years ago the Mazda Miata caught my attention and asked a co-worker into sports cars what he thought of the Miata. He said if you can wait then look at the not released 2016 Miata which I did and liked what I saw.


In August of this year contacted the local Mazda dealer, asked to be put into the waiting list. Three weeks later I was told there was one in stock so I went off and test drove it on a Sunday. After the test drive I told them I would think about the purchase. The sales person said why not take it for 24 hours and see if that will help with the decision. But of course after having it just for Sunday evening I had to have it. Went back and sealed the deal on Monday. Mid week I located a local Miata club and made plans to attend their Saturday morning meeting.

I arrived and a half dozen men came out to see my new car as this was the first one in our area. Did some chatting and then I was invited to take a two hour back country drive. Mind you that I had little experience wit the car but at the end of the run was asked how long have I been driving sports cars? Told them since Monday and was told my driving skills were excellent. The driver whom told me this has 25 years on road and on race tracks. We chatted and I ask about him (I was following him on the drive) about braking as he may had hit his breaks five times excluding stop signs. He told me his thing and I went off Sunday morning practicing in an empty mall parking lot.

The next Saturday I did much better and improved on each drive.

About the fourth drive I was in a round about way tested by following a very experienced driver. We pulled away from the pack and when done waited 15 minutes for everyone to catch up to us. This driver said the same as the first driver, I had natural talent. I told him that even though I drove sedans I pushed them to their limits which I believed helped along with yeah, I have some natural talent and smiled.

To date I have been told when I am comfortable with leading I am more than welcome to do so.

I will close off by saying I truly come alive when in this car rolling through back country taking 20MPH turns at 45MPH and do it safely.

Next month I am installing special suspension to reduce lean in turns as I am not capable of pushing a stock Miata to it’s limits and I need more. The parts come from a company that specializes in only mods to Miata’s and are tested on the road and race tracks.