The club I went to last night does tours between 6 and 8 then it’s members only and that most members show up starting around 8:30. So to my surprise when arriving at just before eight the parking lot is almost full. Then I remembered, last week Adam and Eve cancelled a rope demonstration which was rescheduled for last night.

Upon walking in the president gives me a hug, he is that type of person and I said, the demonstration just started so you didn’t miss anything. There are some seats up front if you like.

From Adam and Eve’s, a woman dressed in  dominatrix attire was presenting the demonstration with a male representative and a male model. She goes there a discussion about types of ropes followed by showing two basic knots. Next she tells she will tie up the model and expects it to take thirty minutes to one hour.

Both her and the model were fun to watch while the representative had a table setup with literature on this topic.

For the first half of the demonstration was done in the dance room then moved to one of the playrooms were there happened to be a couple getting it one so there were two shows going on at once.

So, at the end the woman started off with one hundred and thirty feet of room when done had roughly six inches left and as I saw it knew exactly what she needed. Now that was fun to watch.

During the demonstration I had a couple sit next to me where the husband had eye’s for me and at one point said I was gorgeous (which I still have troubles accepting myself this way) and was interested in playing. I thanked him for the compliment and told him early on that I had a long day driving in a car club and that I was not up to playing and he was accepting of this.

Next week is the monthly gang-bang which is the first weekend of each month. I signed up to watch, not participate. In this event females are given wrist bands to hand out to men they want to play with which as gang-bangs go will be many men to a woman and the female has all the power in these events. So this is not your typical gang-bang where the men have the power. Will be fun to see this next weekend.

Since there are no cameras or cell phones allowed this is a picture of half the dance floor and in the background a room that runs continuous porn which members have full control over what to play/watch.