Several weeks ago I decided after seeing a site on the web about a swingers club I contacted them about details and was offered a tour of the club. So that weekend I did the tour and spent about an hour chit-chatting with the president and his wife and thought that this would be a great place to spend a night on the weekend.

Some specifics, it’s not all about sex, instead after going there the past few weekends learned (and this was told to me at the tour) there is a great deal of socializing from sitting down at a table and talk to playing pool. What I thought was really great was that females have the power rather than the men and there are very strict rules with things like no means no, ask before touching etc. The rules are in plain sight too.

The first weekend my plan was to simply mingle and not participate. After about thirty minutes after arriving I was being checked out, three men sat down with me and talked for just over an hour, or maybe more, hard to tell as I did not look at the clock until I got tired and decided to leave. During this time the president’s wife said there was one man whom she thought we get along but not soon after we started chatting a female came in, grabbed him and of they went. I was told don’t expect them to come out for several hours.

Mid way through the week he emailed me, we chatted which went well. So that Saturday we met and talked at the bar and then he said, let’s hit the bed room. So off we went and he confided to me that he has a wife and is okay with this along with being bi. Also he was shy in a crowd but the complete opposite in the bedroom (I was told this beforehand). Safe to say without going into details other than he was well endowed we had a great time in the sack.

One of the things we talked about was me bringing my strap-on to play, oh my, I purchased one but have not used it yet, maybe tonight but unsure as I was up on their chat area on their web site and was getting signals from a couple (man and woman) in their early forties.

Oh, I really like the casual style for how some dress, there are a handful of females (with a date assuming boy friend or husband) that dress like in the old salon’s in Western movies. So far I have kept to a slinky black dress the first time and last week a black top and red skirt. No I didn’t forget bra and undies as I did not wear them. Shoes for the first two nights where two different pairs of medium high heels while tonight in over the thigh boots.