This blog entry is to provide a place for my credentials for teaching self-defense.  Credentials are important but not everything as someone can have an array of credentials but not a good instructor. I’ve taken the time to not only learn skills for self-defense but also attended various week long sessions were the focus was not learning new skills but instead to learn what it takes to be a good instructor.

I offer several classes that revolve around empty hand and impact weapon tactics but not limited to these. Although I have and can still teach firearm tactics my belief is there are many full-time instructors in the area that are best suited for this so I defer to them and will recommend them.

Skills alone are not good enough so I begin all classes with several things e.g. the force continuum, legality and mindset.

A typical class involves four hours of me teaching, a long lunch then review and practice what I taught prior to lunch. The long lunch break may sound odd but after four hours of working through the techniques taught requires some downtime. Overall class time is six to eight hours but can be shorten dependent on students time.

Prices, contact me for a price and more than happy to sit down with you to discuss a plan that best suits your needs. Minimal size class is four with a maximum of 12.

Attending class, dress comfortably. Any jewelry needs to be removed prior to start of class and any weapons must be removed from your person for the safety of others other than a kubaton or tactical flashlight.

For the LGBT community I teach at no cost provided there are at least six students.  For woman only classes my fee is half of my normal cost for a class.



  • 2001-2013 senior instructor for “The Jacobe Group LLC” in Salem Oregon lecturing in a concealed handgun license class each Thursday evening, live firearm instructor, lead instructor for empty hand defensive classes, LLC (specialized impact tool) instructor, Kubaton instructor, handgun retention/disarming class and defensive cane instructor.
  • Twice each year assisted in lecturing to 300-500 college students use of force and requirements for obtaining a concealed handgun license with the Jacobe Group
  • 2005-2008 provided specialized empty hand training to Marines and Army at the Jacobe group
  • 2002-2010 Executive protection for several clients
  • 2008-2012 provided specialized classes to two Fortune 500 companies.


  • Certified instructor by CSSDSC.
  • 2014 voted into a prestigious martial arts organization (they are mainly Grand Masters which I’m not) for impact and edge weapons tactical instructor.
  • Certified with American Council on Criminal Justice (Law Enforcement organization) for empty hand tactics, handcuffing and batons
  • Certified with ASP as a baton instructor
  • Certified handgun retention/disarming instructor with Lethal Force Institute
  • Certified Kubaton instructor with Lethal Force Institute
  • NRA Firearms instructor

Completed level 4 at Lethal Force Institute (now MAG) while under the ownership of Massad Ayoob. Level 4 is an intense firearm course where attendance is capped at 20 people every four years.

Assisted as range instructor at Firearms Academy of Seattle for Massad Ayoob.

Paused teaching in 2013 for GRS surgery, 2014 to present been teaching private classes.